Come for the beer. Stay for the nerds.

Your intrepid hosts - Wayne Talbot, Darren Fahey and Ciaran Marcantonio - and the occasional guest meet each episode in a different pub around Dublin City and discuss all things geek over a few pints.


The Pubcast – Optimistic Prime VS Negatron

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The Pubcasters Three are joined by the Fabulous Bella Agogo. We discuss the burlesque scene in Ireland and abroad, Bella’s upcoming Steampunk with special guest Professor Elemental, Ciaran’s contribution to the show in the form of a very special limited edition Comic Book and Bella’s involvement with the Dr Sketchy’s art nights. Darren and Ciaran…

The Pubcast – Out the Airlock


The Pubcasters three are joined by very special guest Doctor Joseph Roche to discuss and compare Science Fact with Science Fiction. Joe explores the flaws and accolades of some of cinema’s Science fiction choices and ideas, and once and for all puts to bed the eternal question. Does Love transcend all dimensions in time and…

The Pubcast – Infinite Crisis in Transylvania

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Howdy Folks! Welcome to the latest Pubcast. Wayne, Darren and Ciaran meet up to discuss their current TV watch covering everything from Constantine to Time Taxi. There is an unexpected movie review when Wayne and Ciaran discover they both subjected themselves and their better halves to Dracula Untold over the weekend. Darren talks about his…

The Pubcast – Celebrate your Nerd

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The Pubcasters three meetup to kick off their Year of Wonder. They discuss everything from Agent Carter to Birdman as well as hitting some Ant- Man, Dragon Age Inquistion, The Hobbit and even some impromptu singing along the way. In a new segemnt for 2015 Wayne talks bout his love for Cyberpunk. Enjoy and Thanks…

The Pubcast – The Wonder Year

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Wayne, Darren and Ciaran meetup to discuss Interstellar, The Walking Dead mid season finale, The Star Wars teaser. And Ciaran and Darren explain the ins and outs of Marvel’s event Axis to Wayne. We also predict that 2015 will be the year of wonder, Loads of tangents and nerd chatter. Enjoy and Thanks for listening.

The Pubcast – The Heather Graham Scale

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Wayne, Ciaran and special guest Ryan meetup to discuss the Thought Bubble comic expo, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Fantastic Four, The Wicked and the Divine, Doctor Who and the Heather Grahams scale of success. We also have a little snippet with Stephen Mooney, Declan Shalvey, Maura McHugh and Paul Bolger which was recorded at Thought…

The Pubcast Halloween Special – Whispers

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The Pubcasters hit the road for a very special Halloween road trip, the Holy rosary Convent in Killishandra is a perfectly creepy place to record a very spooky Horror themed Pubcast. We discuss everything from Hammer Horror to American Horror Story. Films, shows, stories and general creepy stuff that has creeped us out over our…

The Pubcast – DICE 2014

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The Pubcast Crew head to DICE 2014 and interview a load of awesome folk about all sorts. Guesting in this one are the following folk Daryl Shaw, Ciaran Flanagan, Bobby Best, Stephen Mooney, Will Sliney, Jordie Bellaire, Paul Bolger, Declan Shalvey, Kieron Gillen, Gerry Duggan and Ruth Redmond. DICE was a fantastic weekend. We had…

The Pubcast – Mr Dice

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We are joined by John Hendrick to talk about DICE 2014,  from the excellent guest list, to the panels and also the exclusives that will be availale at the convention. We also discuss classic titles, our dream Comic Con guests, Internet negativity and many more nerd tangents.

The Pubcast – Cons and Recreation

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The Pubcasters pay tribute to the wonderful talent that is Robin Williams. They also talk about the adventures at Dublin Comic Con 2014, They recommend some comic books, Ciaran and Darren talk about the new FX series The Strain, and Wayne and Ciaran profess their love for Virginia Hey.

The Pubcast – Pubcast Legal

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The Pubcasters Skype it up to chat about a truck load of stuff, Everything from the aftermath of ArcadeCon, Marvel’s marketing choices, The state of he comic book word vs their movie counter parts, SDCC and the announcements so far, Star Wars Episode VII, Doctor Who Season 8 and many more nerd tangents. Enjoy and…

The Pubcast – ArcadeCast 2014

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Howdy Folks, here’s our special coverage from throughout the weekend of ArcadeCon 2014. Includes segments of Q and As from Pendleton Ward and Robert Picardo, Ciaran hosting the We are Irish Comic’s panel and numerous other tangental segments. Enjoy and thanks!

The Pubcast – Captain Boxticker

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The Pubcasters meetup to discuss Game of Thrones, LGBT characters in pop culture, Nostalgia and its effect on our exceptance of new ideas and special guest Declan Doody joins us to discuss everything ArcadeCon 2014. Ciaran also heads out to the Big Bang for the PJ Holden and Michael Carroll signing of the 2000AD Dredd…

The Pubcast – Kaijucast

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Pubcast and 2Dcast join forces to talk about the newly revitalised genre The Kaiju movie. Wayne, Liam, Darren, Ciaran Marcantonio meetup and Ciaran Flanagan dials in via Skype from parts unknown. They discuss the recent Godzilla movie, Pacific Rim and then we take a look back on all of Toho’s Godzilla films. We had a…

The Pubcast – Where the Y-wings Are

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Wayne and Kim celebrate May the 4th in style. They head out to Invasion at the RDS for an afternoon of Star Wars Celebration. They are joined by Ciaran Marcantonio who is taking part of the Jedi training academy, also joining them is Matt Hollingsworth who reminisces about the first time he saw Star Wars…

The Pubcast – Day out at MCM Dublin

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Wayne heads along to the first Irish MCM Comic Con. He is joined throughout the day by Ciaran Marcantonio, Jason Flood, John Hendrick, Ryan O’Connor, Cormac Hughes and Daryl Cox. They discuss the Convention itself, how it has been run and how it stacks up against the main conventions here in Ireland.

The Pubcast – DICE Special

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The Pubcasters three head to DICE and record a very special Pubcast. Making appearances are John Hendrick, Cormac Hughes, Rob Carey, Ciaran Marcantonio, Tommie Kelly, Darrin O’Toole, Will Sliney, Stephen Mooney and from Marvel C.B. Cebluski. Folks we had so much fun recording this, Its a long one but full of so much Win. Enjoy…