Come for the beer. Stay for the nerds.

Your intrepid hosts - Wayne Talbot, Darren Fahey and Ciaran Marcantonio - and the occasional guest meet each episode in a different pub around Dublin City and discuss all things geek over a few pints.


The Pubcast – Skypecast 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Wayne,Kim and Darren decide to record a Skypecast to chat about numerous Nerd tangents, they discuss everything from the new Batsuit to Godzilla. Also Ciaran Marcantonio attends the grand opening of Sub City Comics where he chats to Rob Curley, Will Sliney and Stephen Mooney.

The Pubcast – Where the Y-wings Are

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Wayne and Kim celebrate May the 4th in style. They head out to Invasion at the RDS for an afternoon of Star Wars Celebration. They are joined by Ciaran Marcantonio who is taking part of the Jedi training academy, also joining them is Matt Hollingsworth who reminisces about the first time he saw Star Wars…

The Pubcast – Day out at MCM Dublin

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Wayne heads along to the first Irish MCM Comic Con. He is joined throughout the day by Ciaran Marcantonio, Jason Flood, John Hendrick, Ryan O’Connor, Cormac Hughes and Daryl Cox. They discuss the Convention itself, how it has been run and how it stacks up against the main conventions here in Ireland.

The Pubcast – DICE Special

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The Pubcasters three head to DICE and record a very special Pubcast. Making appearances are John Hendrick, Cormac Hughes, Rob Carey, Ciaran Marcantonio, Tommie Kelly, Darrin O’Toole, Will Sliney, Stephen Mooney and from Marvel C.B. Cebluski. Folks we had so much fun recording this, Its a long one but full of so much Win. Enjoy…

The Pubcast – ArcadeCon 2013

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Howdy folks. Here are some of the shenanigans we got up to at ArcadeCon 2013. The weekend was filled with Panels, discussions and Fun galore. First up is our mini Pubcast with TwinFools, Nova Vandorwolf and Matt 11. Followed by Kim’s Panel with Half past Danger writer and artist Stephen Mooney. We then shoot on…

The Pubcast – CGI Joe

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The Pubcasters three are joined this week by the excellent Mr Andy Kavanagh from Jet Set Radio and Ram-D to discuss Man of Steel, E3 Game of Thrones, Anime, ArcadeCon, EP lauches and many other Nerd Tangents. This one is mega ranty so be warned.

The Pubcast – Dead by Dawn

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The Dead by Dawn film festival celebrates its 20th birthday, Wayne travels to Edinburgh to join in on the festivities. He is joined by numerous special guests over the course of thwe weekend. Grant from Dont jump the Shark podcast, Kevin Matthews from The Lady responsible for Dead by Dawn in all its excellence…

The Pubcast – Everyone has one story

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A New Pubcaster joins the fray in the shape of Kim Brosnan. The Pubcasters answer the hard questions  like ‘Who deserves the title of Genius?’ and  ‘Do Transformers have Dicks?’  Also joining them this week is Pubcaster of old Simon, and they talk about – Wayne gushes – when Pubcast met Joss Whedon at the premier…